Tuesday, 15 April 2014

New Stuff

Hey Runners,

Since suffering from severe shin splints at the High Mountain Coffee Run I've been very wary of my running shoes. Thankfully I was referred to Shoe Dog at Road Runner Sports that recommends shoes based on you weight, mechanics etc. So I'm hoping the shoes I chose based on these recommendations will solve that injury.

The next thing, if you are in Kingston, Jamaica, the best way to keep in touch with running events as well as running groups, is We Got The Runs aka WGTR on Facebook. They post weekly runs from various clubs twice per week and have an email subscription thing that can notify you if your not one to be checking Facebook for update regularly.

Happy Running!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Running Comeback

Hey Runners,
Just a quick mention on an article I saw last week.  So one  morning I logged on to facebook to see Runner’s World post this article 7 Secrets for Making a Comeback. I had to read it... in summary, if you’ve been off running for 3 months, you need to start from scratch. It's an interesting ready, especially since many of us fall off track for one reason or another and aren't sure how to get back into the grove of running effectively. 

Hope it helps/motivates one of you reading this.

Happy Running!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

High Mountain Coffee Run Weekend

Hey Runners.

Amidst the rain, I was once again in Williamsfield, Manchester for the High Mountain Coffee Run. Hard to believe that even though it was in its 31st year, I had only learnt about it a few weeks before the 30th staging. Nevertheless, this time I brought my team, and the four of us, Me, Hubby, Anna and Sue, huddled under one big umbrella to collect our race bibs and shirts an hour before the race. I was a bit worried then, it was cold, it was a good distance from home and I was fighting off some variant of the flu already. Amazingly, the rain eased up, and held up until we finished the 5K and was back in the car after the race eating pan chicken and drinking manish water (goat soup).

Once the rain eased up, we were all in good spirits, I had signed us up with the Bullhead Mountain Spring Water Team, which was beside the Lucozade  tent, which was beside the St. Mary's Banana Chips tent. So we had water, lucozade and ripe banana's to fuel us before the race as we mingled.

So, just a little update, I starting going to bootcamp after the Training Camp 5K. It focuses on core and cardio strength, and I've experienced pain throughout all parts of my body and realize how remarkable the human body is that it mutes the pain for that one hour in the morning during bootcamp, then resumes again when I'm finished. All except for that nagging pain in my shin, which is more prevalent now from all the jumping and bouncing around. 

During the run, the pain in my shin, took a turn for the worst, it spread from the front of my shin to the sides, down to my ankles, that whole area was just burning. I could barely walk. Then in the spirit of the High Mountain Coffee Run, as we neared the finish line, a walker came up beside me and helped me towards the finish line. It's like one of those stories you read about on the internet.

That evening after I rubbed my shins and ankles with voltaren, took 2 pain killers and went to bed. The next morning for bootcamp, I wore a pair of firm sneakers I got at Payless and put some Dr Scholls  athletic gel insoles insides... I was pain-free. The next morning, I only wore the sneakers with the gel insoles, It wasn't as pain-free as the day before. Might need to alternate with the painkiller til I can identify a new pair of sneakers, or learn more about what cause shin splints so look forward for a post on that very soon, until then...

Happy Running!

And we're of!... Training Camp 5K + NMIA Palisadoes 5K 2014

Hey Runners,

Sorry for getting to this post so late, but lets get right to it... and we're off. First and foremost, I love how it seems like EVERYBODY is starting off the new year trying to improve their running time and fitness over all. Even though it has only been two four weeks almost two months, I'm seeing all the running apps update on my facebook timeline, Runtastic, Endomondo, MaymyRun etc, personally at home my Hubby recommends RunKeeper, even he's been getting in his runs and making improvements. It's a good look for 2014!

So following up on my previous post where I was sad, and tired and feeling delinquent, I signed up for the Training Camp 5K on the day of the deadline. The girl at Trafalgar Travel was really friendly, and we chit-chatted about the run and some sports travel package they were considering and if I'd want to do runs in other Caribbean islands etc. I didn't even think about it. My only thought was that after I was able to do a half-marathon, I would probably do the Disney half-marathon, and that would be it, but Running in the Caribbean isn't a bad idea at all. A few days later I went back to pick up the bibs, and hurried off to sign up for the NMIA Palisadoes 5K. This one is usually awkward since its at the airport, and you know how the parking at airports are, so I managed to get hubby to be my chauffeur that lunch hour so he could sit in the car while I ran and got registered. To my surprise they were issuing the bibs at the same, really quick and efficient, and I was back in the car by the time they realized we were parking and not picking up/dropping off anybody. As usual, there were some festivities going on at the airport to celebrate whatever it was they celebrate or recognize, I really didn't take note. Just that they had Pink Ting, A Jamaican Pink Grapefruit soda, and since I am trying to be disciplined and off soda for this year. I had to decline the nice offer I had to try some.... I love Pink Ting!!! *deep sigh*

Feeling much more motivated and ready to run now. This was tricky because I couldn't go to bed early the night before due to the Shaggy and Friends concert. I just made up my mind that I wouldn't be able to see all of it, and promptly went to bed after Tessane's performance. Tessane is a runner too, she usually passes me at about the 1K mark at the runs that are kept at Hope Gardens. Later that morning, I struggled to get out of bed, woke up hubby, and we were off. The turnout wasn't as much as last year, which was expected since the LIME 6K was the same morning.

Unfortunately the Training Camp 5K was much harder than I remembered last year, I really struggled with this one, but I made it through to the end. Not much to say here. It was pretty much the same for the Palisadoes 5K as well.... Since I took so long to finish this post I totally forgot any relevant details I would describe here so this is it... :-(

Happy Running!

I'm back!

Hey Runners,

I feel so absolutely terrible. After the Sigma Run this week, which is the biggest race in Jamaica, and practically everybody asking me why I wasn't going and then why I didn't go... Usually I just snap and say, 'it's on my blog!", but I looked on today to see how very delinquent I've been and how many drafts I need to post to update you all, which I'm going to do just now, so stay tuned!

Happy Running,

Thursday, 2 January 2014

January's Races including Jamaica's 1st Colour Run!

Hey Runners,

Hopefully the new year is treating you well so far, and you've gotten a run in to make up for the New Year Celebration intoxication *wink wink*. Sadly, this year I'm struggling to juggle my workouts + studies + going to bed early... all while still working full-time. This simply means that I will have to stick to a strict schedule and not skimp on anything. However, with the going to bed early thing being a critical factor, this is proving to be easier said than done. 

There are only 3 sleeps left until the first road race of the year. It was a toss-up between Training Camp 5K and LIME 6K, but then I figured, who am I kidding, Manor Park/Norbrook is one of my favorite routes and its just a stones throw away from home... Training Camp it is!

Today I realized that tomorrow is the deadline to sign up for NMIA Palisadoes 5K, and both locations to sign up is a bit way out, and since I'm not as enthusiastic as I was last year about any of the races (I waited til last minute to sign up Training Camp too... tragic!), I'm not the least bit thrilled about driving out there to sign up. Lets just hope this changes by tomorrow.

Now unto my dilemma. So Colour Me Happy Run, scheduled to be held on the 25th of this month, will be Jamaica's 1st Colour Run... Having follow all these running groups and varies runners, Colour Runs look like a lot of fun, so at the inkling of it, I was very excited... that is until the details were released. My dilemma:
  1. It costs more than 3 times a regular run, and while trying to form a team to lower the cost, everyone is lamenting about the cost so they're not too keen on spending the money to go either, and I've already picked my 3 runs for this month, thus busting my running budget for January.
  2. Its the day before the High Mountain Coffee Run, where I was secretly hoping to be able to do the 10K (even if I'm the last person to finish, I want a shot at the most rigorous race in Jamaica!) So being that the Colour run is in the evening, that would interfere with my rest for High Mountain.
  3. I'm currently wearing some long flowing weave that I don't want to get paint/colour in (black girl problems!) No, but seriously, If I have to stay up in the night to wash out my weave I don't know what I'd do!
So I know I could just say to hell with it and spend the money on the entry fee, sign up for the High Mountain 5K and stuff my weave under a swimming cap and go do that 1st colour run... and I'm considering it. But I haven't fully decided as yet. Hopefully after Palisadoes 5K i'll find my mojo back.

Happy Running!

P.S. Sometime when I'm blogging I feel like Jenna from Awkward on MTV (love that show!!!)

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year and a sample Home BootCamp

Happy New Year Runners!!!... May your year be filled with many road runs and even much more casual and training runs! 2014 will be my year for boot-camp, cross-training and many more runs :-D

Below is Home Boot-camp I made for myself last year and could barely finish it. I'm going to attempt it today. It's designed to hit all the major muscle groups, with high reps. Use a weight that is comfortable and can complete all the reps for a given exercise and take a break if needed!

Items Needed
Weighted Vest

Melissa's Boot-camp Week Workout
  • 200 Kettlebell Swings
  • 100 weighted air squats (if you don't have a weight vest, you can use a dumbell or no weights)
  • 100 Bicep Curls
  • 50 Dumbell Thrusters
  • 50 Tricep Dips
  • 50 Lunges
  • 50 Shoulder Press
  • 10 Pushups ... (I hate pushups! can you tell??...lol)
You can also break up the reps into smaller sets
  • 4 sets x 50 reps kettlebell swings
  • 4 sets x 25 reps weighted air squats
  • etc.
Have a Happy Running New Year!