Monday, 18 August 2014

Half-Marathon Dreams #2

Hey Runners,

Just a quick update, did the Running Events 5K walk yesterday and came 3rd in my age group category \o/ ... feeling a little boost on my road to doing a half marathon someday. Also, checking out different half marathon plans to start on with Roya beginning with a 2 mile run later.

Happy Running!

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Half-Marathon Dreams #1

Hey Runners,

I know its been a bit drab these last few months, I feel really dreary myself, especially when I sit and realize, half the year is gone, 2014 will end and I haven't even met my remaining goals from 2013. So I'm gonna pull out something big to work towards and make note of it here... as you can see by the title, it's all about my Half-Marathon dreams. 10Ks no longer scare me, but it would be really bad if  I went to another Reggae Marathon and did the 10K (again) and I do need to step up to the 8 mile and 10 mile club, heck I need to just be running 3 miles... anyhooo all of that will be taking care of on the road to fulfilling the Half Marathon Dreams.

Stay tuned & Happy Running!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Training to Run #4 - Hip Mobility

One of the most important things, and also one of the activities that I've failed at maintaining during my running journey, is hip mobility with hip flexor stretches. I was forced into doing them after becoming incredibly stiff in that groin area in the first few months of running. Although I've had this post in drafts for a really long time, I've finally gone back to it, because well, I've been suffering again and had realized the benefits of hip flexor stretches for hip mobility and overall comfort when running. These are best done after a workout. See various images from runner's world, pop sugar fitness etc stolen from Pinterest of these exercises:

Change, Raw Vegan and Regular Run Happenings

Hey Runners!

So it's been a little while... that seems to be my usual greeting for the last few months, so I won't make any excuses and just get into whats been happening.

Change... Change happens, sometimes we're afraid of it, we don't want it, either way it happens. My life has been going through come changes, so has everyone elses, injuries, work, family, and I really don't to intrude on anybody elses life. So, here comes Ana, my beloved running partner, Ana who introduced me to running club, who is always lagging behind with me, who faithfully got up to run at High Mountain run in the hills of Manchester. Ana has been going through changes in her life and doesn't run as much. But do you know what Ana did? Ana told Dane that i'm not a good running partner because I don't nag her to go running on a Saturday morning!!! I was so hurt, I did what any hurt partner would do, I broke off the relationship!... Within the next few hours, somehow we had managed to talk things out, apologize and made new vows to improve our running for the summer. Thanks Dane! 
New Running Shoes based on recommendations from Shoe Dog

The first thing we did was go to the Keep it Alive 5K test run, which wasn't bad, (it was better than the actual run IMO) She brought another friend, who also knew about our issues, but no fuss, at least he's there as a buffer and to keep us on our best behavior.

The day after that was the Tru Juice Run for your cause. I went along with Roya. (since I had initially broken things off with Ana, she wasn't invited) Roya was the one who basically got me to sign up. She wanted to go, but didn't want to go alone. So I said I'd go. It's amazing, in the beginning I was going to all the races alone and would just say hi and small talk with the familiar faces when I was there, now I feel lonely if I don't have a set person who I'm going with or going to meet up with at the start and finish lines... Damn you Loneliness!!! I don't know why I didn't run in my reeboks, I went on the running shoe site mentioned here and got myself a pair of Asics gel nimbus 15, which were nice and shiny... but then after the race they looked like this (see image below)
New Shoes after Tru Juice Trail Run
Ugh!!! There was so much mud, I was running in slow motion, slipping down the hills... it's was awesome, just not in my new shoes! Thankfully, I was able to wash off all the mud and its almost as good as new.

In the midst of all of this, I've convinced hubby that we should become raw vegan, and he agreed. In reality we're reducing our consumption of meat and processed foods, we're essentially becoming pescatarians [ Pescatarian - Definition: Occasionally used to describe those who abstain from eating all meat and animal flesh with the exception of fish. (source:]. So mainly calaloo, choy, banana, plantain, pumpkin, sweet potato, mackerel and snapper. It's intermittent, I really would have to cook more for it to be a success. Let's just say he didn't marry me for my cooking skills.

Then there was the Keep it Alive 5K, it was a new race put on by Guardian Group, there were some ups and downs, I just did it and left, I got to the race with a few minutes to spare because up to an hour before they blocked off the roads leading up to it and literally every turn was road block, so we ending up parking on the road in New Kingston and walking a distance to the starting line. After the race, it was really hot, and everyone was sweaty, so we just made a beeline back to the car and back home. Hubby chauffeured me and cheered me along for this one, since it was a while since he's been at a race.

I've been embarking on a workout program, that I'll  just do 1 post about when I'm finished. On a break from races til September, and long runs til August.

Happy Running!

4 months after... Everyone's a Winner 5K, 6K, 7K

Hey Runners,

I'm a winner!

So running along after almost 2 months not doing any races, I did the Everyone's a Winner Best Dressed Chicken 5K in March followed by the 6K in April and finally the 7K in June. It was ok great! I realized that since late last year I've seriously tired, this year when I was going bootcamp, I managed to get through, but I was still very tired. I take my vitamins consistently, even added iron and fish oil when it gets really bad, but still no luck. My eating habits haven't really changed much so I don't think that's it. As a result of this tiredness, I have absolutely  no drive to push myself. However, once you've started the race and finished it, your a winner, so right now the aim to be a winner. I'm a winner!
Mel and the Best Dressed Chicken

I signed up for the 3 races in advance, and saved $500. I did this last year and still managed to skull one of the races, but this year, i really tried to drag my tired body to the starting line for each one and I did. Now, the key thing, for this race, and every race really, is to be on time. Jamaicans have a tendency to be late for everything, coupled with the limited parking and smaller roads. I had that experience last year, was late and the parking lot I went to was full, and the one the security was trying to direct me too would take me too long to get to the starting line, so I just pretended I was leaving and parked badly, then scurried off to the starting line before anyone could see me. This is not a good practice! After that, I starting going there early. For races at Hope Gardens, I enter by Gibson Close and park near to the zoo entrance, lots of abundant parking. Since then I've been stress free.

My aim was to finish each race in the same time, hoping that I would get increasingly better, then it was just to do the 7K under an hour. I failed both miserably. But I'm still a winner. There was this blog on tumblr I used to follow one-twenty-five about a girl named Liz trying to lose weight and her goal weight is 125lbs. It's been a while, and Liz still hasn't gotten to her goal weight. She's travelled around the world, love and lost, started running, did a few 5Ks to marathons  including the Berlin marathon, but she still hasn't reached 125lbs. Sometimes I wonder, if she ever will, but I think she will. She's going against a lot of nay-sayers, haters, but she's still blogging and living her life, even with the highs and the lows. So it happens, that even though I was going into yet another slump again I won't let myself myself get discouraged, I'm just riding it out, and i'm happy to say that i'm getting out  of it now. A friend messaged me a few weeks ago in the middle of my downside to ask me if I was doing a 5K and I was like "nah, not really feeling like doing anything anymore", and she was like, "but your my inspiration". Thats was motivating enough... then I read this post about 5 surefire ways to  cheer up!

So back to the 5,6,7K.... So the morning of the 6K the organizers announced that they weren't so sure about what they would do about the 7K because entrants weren't so comfortable doing it. Thats understandable, since the additional K would be uphill and it's summer in Jamaica, which is hot... but I still felt weird... It didn't make send to do 5,6, then 5 again did it? Eventually, they decided to have both a 5K and a 7K, early registrants such as myself would automatically be signed up for the 7K, and others the default would be 5K. 

The 7K was rough... it's amazing, I can do 6 mile on a Saturday morning run but a 7K i'm dying. Could it be nerves? or the heat? In the end, I was proud of myself for actually turning up to all the races. I was disappointed that I didn't meet my goals, but  what to do but keep trying. Until the next race...

Happy Running!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

New Stuff

Hey Runners,

Since suffering from severe shin splints at the High Mountain Coffee Run I've been very wary of my running shoes. Thankfully I was referred to Shoe Dog at Road Runner Sports that recommends shoes based on you weight, mechanics etc. So I'm hoping the shoes I chose based on these recommendations will solve that injury.

The next thing, if you are in Kingston, Jamaica, the best way to keep in touch with running events as well as running groups, is We Got The Runs aka WGTR on Facebook. They post weekly runs from various clubs twice per week and have an email subscription thing that can notify you if your not one to be checking Facebook for update regularly.

Happy Running!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Running Comeback

Hey Runners,
Just a quick mention on an article I saw last week.  So one  morning I logged on to facebook to see Runner’s World post this article 7 Secrets for Making a Comeback. I had to read it... in summary, if you’ve been off running for 3 months, you need to start from scratch. It's an interesting ready, especially since many of us fall off track for one reason or another and aren't sure how to get back into the grove of running effectively. 

Hope it helps/motivates one of you reading this.

Happy Running!